Trends for 2010?

It's that time of the year, the holidays are coming closer and I decided to take some time to take a look at what others are predicting for 2010 in eDe­mocracy and eGovernment. 

One article that caught my attention is Dion Hinchcliffe­'s The Government 2.0 Forecast For 2010: 7 Predictions in the Social Computing Journal. His key points include:

  • Social computing will continue to grow in government, but won't hit critical mass in 2010
  • Self-service integration and app creation makes deeper inroads
  • Open data goes back to the drawing board
  • Cloud computing will go big
  • Government 2.0 apps expand the boundaries of transparency and citizen involvement
  • Government portals (rightly) continue to incorporate social media, but deep engagement will be elusive for now
  • Collaborative video, geo-enablement, mobile, and crowdsourcing will get initial lift but remain niches

It's a pretty comprehensive set that thoroughly analyzes many of the exciting things that have been discussed under the Government2.0 umbrella this year, while preserving a realistic viewpoint.

He notes: "innovations point the way towards a future that includes participatory citizenship and the Web as a civic platform as well as open data (both internally and externally to agencies and state/local governments) and social computing. And that's just the beginning."

2010 should be an exciting year!

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