Story Telling via Google Maps

It's fascinating to see how new web technology is reshaping story telling. I recently found this great example of science fiction story telling via the O'Reilly Radar

Penguin books is working with 6 authors to tell 6 stories in 6 weeks. The first one, The 21 Steps, is told via embedded Google Maps. Wow. What a great method of delivering stories, especially this one that follows a man around town (inspired by the classic thriller The 39 Steps).

Follow-up on Where 2.0 - Andrew Turner's great presentation about the emerging GeoStack

From his presentation: 

Geographic tools have emerged that useopen-standards and support users creating and sharing their owngeodata. Together, these tools form a GeoStack that enable the entirelifecycle of data.
This talk will discuss the technologiesthat currently comprise the GeoStack and how it is enabling users toshare and use geographic data. Developers can fit their tools into anypoint along this stack, or add to existing services. We'll also discussthe future of the geotools.


Google's Geoindex

I mentioned before that Google started indexing location of online content wherever supportd. So I checked if the content on iCommunity.TV was properly referenced and yes, you can browse through all the content on a map. I'm curious to see when there's gonna be a search interface that'll let users search for content more intuitively or even time-based. I bet we don't have to wait for that very long...

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